The Architectural Orders Academy, in collaboration with the Bogliasco Foundation, is pleased to announce a one-week course on Italian Classical Architecture and Traditional Cuisine.

Genoa is one of the oldest and most complex cities in Europe and has long been a natural meeting point for people from all over the Mediterranean and Europe. The rich splendour of Genoa’s “Strade Nuove” and its “Palazzi dei Rolli“, some of which are still owned by the families that had them built during the Renaissance and Baroque periods, is what has earned them their inscription in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Notwithstanding this important recognition, the genuine quality of the city’s urban life has not yet been eroded by mass tourism. Given this fortunate situation, the Architectural Orders Academy has decided to approach the city almost as an architectural treatise, taking its cue from Rubens’ famous book on the “Palazzi di Genova”.

Genoa’s long-standing artistic heritage makes it possible to follow the theory of Architectural Orders directly and to see how they have developed in the city across the centuries thanks to the work of generations of artists from various parts of Italy and Europe.

Through lectures and visits to various palaces, some of which are usually off limits to the general public, the course, titled “Genoa, the Taste of a Mediterranean City”, will enable participants to discover the interrelationship between the city’s taste for architecture and its cuisine.

Traditional architecture has indeed much in common with cooking: both are based on very simple and limited ingredients and for both the result depends equally on the quality of the ingredients and the way they are combined and prepared.

By directly experiencing and appreciating the nuances to be found in both the flavours of long-standing recipes (mainly based on “pesto”, olive oil and vegetables) and in 15th and 16th-century marble portals and stunning trompe-l’oeil frescoed palace decorations, the participants will thus gain an in-depth understanding of Genoa as a precious and unique place, still little known to the international public at large.

The course will be led by Stefano Fera, architect and director of the Architectural Orders Academy.

Please download the attached PDF document with the Program of the Course.