Finally, Italy is waking up! The following article is from today’s (September 17th, 2014) edition of “La Stampa”, one of the three major Italian newspapers.

Como contro archistar


It says that in Como, even the town Architectural Association (typically extremely moderate) is rebelling against the stupidity of a project proposed by a local industrialists’ association and supported by the Municipality.

Como contro archistar part 1

The proposal consists in what they call an “architectural sculpture”, meaning a twenty meters high (like a seven storeys building) translucent, empty and useless structure designed by Daniel Libeskind. This “sculptural artefact” should be placed right at the top of the wharf in the middle of the most beautiful of all Italian lakes.

The smart and generous industrialists are willing to pay 800.000 Euros (one million USD) just to have some kind of “international signature” to show off during the international Expo that (God willing) is going to be held in Milan, sometime next year? Maybe…

None of the politically correct Como architects is daring to attack Libeskind as a designer: they are just reminding everybody that both, lake and city, are beautiful enough to not need any further embellishment, particularly of this kind.

But the most interesting thing said by the article is that this is not an isolated case, rather one of the many that are arising all over the Country, proving with growing evidence that even the Italian population (one of the most patient of the entire Europe) is finally realizing that King is naked: enough is enough, no more crappy architecture, PER FAVORE!.


Como contro archistar part 2


Como contro archistar part 3

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